Friday, September 19, 2008

Trial Packing Session

We attacked the mound of stuff in my office and started filling our packing cubes tonight. It appears that everything will fit quite well. We each have a waterproof 50 liter Ortlieb zip duffle that can be fastened to the passenger seat of the bike with Rok Straps. We have a couple simple cloth duffle bags that we will put everything in to lessen the possibility of puncturing the waterproof duffles in the cargo hold of the airplane. We also learned tonight that we will probably have a sag wagon, so that makes packing a little easier though we will stick with what we have done so far.

We took our first dose of Dukoral tonight (a live vaccine that you take orally to prevent diarrhea; we had to buy this in Canada and keep it cool while we transported it home) and will do the second dose next Friday. What fun Friday nights we are having!

We got $100 worth of Indian rupees this week; now, we have to move some money around to various accounts to cover expenses while we are gone and we will be ready to launch.

In the last week we have spent two evenings with two young Indian women who are working here in Green Bay. They were delightful company and gave us a bit of insight into Indian society and culture. The more we read and find out about India, the more amazing the place is. Who would have thouhgt that there were French speaking areas and pockets of Christian Syrians?