Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Touch Down!

Arrived in New Delhi at 8:00PM after a 13 hours, 41 minutes, 55 seconds wheels up to wheels down according to our pilot, Steve. Flight was quite uneventful as we slept through most of it and arrived ready to drink Kingfishers. Had to negotiate for a taxi and ended up paying 310 rupees approx. $7.50 for all 4 plus bags and a 40 minute ride to our hotel. Staying at the White House, not George´s, which is spotless and included a wonderful full breakfast of eggs and Bhaji Puri, a spicy sauce with vegetables and fried bread. RA says we´ll probably look like that fat, round bread by the time we leave-if we´re lucky! Jean

The weather is hot, humid, but--so far--not impossible. The drive in from the airport was interesting. We were packed into an Ambassador--a local brand--
sort of like a Hillman--three in the back--Ross in the front--six of our eight bags
in the trunk--windows open and breathing in dust and diesel. But it was good because we were brought directly to the hotel and the reservations we had made Province-side were good. Now Steve and I have to snag some cash and we are going to try to get some cell phones to use here amongst the eight of us. So far, so good. Be good, FP--see you in Dec. ra